Ladies and Gentlemen, buckle up! Welcome to the exhilarating world of an award-winning, member-supported power club, with a spirited twist of fun and a compelling passion for service. Our electrifying journey is dedicated to championing at-risk youth through thrill-packed FUNdraising activities, where the thrill ...

Standard Monthly Events

Club Meeting - at Sacred Grounds Corner Café on the 2nd Friday of each month is not just an occasion for fellowship and updates, it's also a cherished moment to extend a warm welcome to our newest members. It's an opportunity to immerse into our close-knit community, relish a delightful dinner, and get clued in ...

Supporters and Sponsors

Adventures with Purpose!


We are incredibly proud to work hand-in-hand with our esteemed event partners, each contributing their unique expertise and services to enhance our adventures. We would like to extend our appreciation to:

  •  All Road Auto and Truck Repair: Committed to providing reliable auto and truck repairs, ensuring that our members' vehicles are always ready for the next adventure.
  • Follow the Orange Frenchie: A vibrant realtor service that helps people find their dream homes just as passionately as we pursue our adventures. Their dedication to finding the perfect fit for each individual mirrors our own commitment to creating tailored adventures for every member.
  • HG Printing: Renowned for their eye-catching and professional graphic designs, giving our branding a vibrant edge.
  • All County Septic and Plumbing: They keep our events running s monthly with their exceptional and reliable septic and plumbing services. Their dedication to the job ensures that we can focus on the adventure at hand.
  • Martin County Police Athletic League: Martin County PAL (MCPAL 501 c3) is a crime prevention community program designed to provide alternatives to drugs, crime, delinquency and violence through sports and mentoring. PAL will also develop the bond between the youth of Martin County and law enforcement.

We're grateful for the diverse contributions of all our partners and their unique roles in enriching our events and overall mission. They each bring something special to the table, making our journey more vibrant and impactful. Thank you for your invaluable partnership and support in creating memorable Adventures with Purpose.