Ladies and Gentlemen, buckle up! Welcome to the exhilarating world of an award-winning, member-supported power club, with a spirited twist of fun and a compelling passion for service. Our electrifying journey is dedicated to championing at-risk youth through thrill-packed FUNdraising activities, where the thrill of adventure meets the joy of giving back. 

Our guiding star is our belief in the unshakeable bond of family and the immense power of unity. This faith is deeply rooted in our ethos and is the bedrock of our seven core standards. 

1. Unity: We celebrate the exquisite diversity of humanity and of Jeep/Bronco models alike, embracing acceptance and appreciation with open hearts. Every individual, every model, has a unique story to tell and a unique role to play.


2. Respect: We are the torchbearers of dignity, honor, and value. We believe in treating all with the esteem they deserve. 

3. Integrity: Honesty isn't just our policy, it's in our DNA. We act with authenticity and honor in every stride we take. 

4. Humility: With a selfless heart, we prioritize the needs of others, for we are not just a club, but a community.

5. Transparency: Crystal clear in our objectives, methods, and transactions, we foster an environment of trust and accountability. 

6. Adventure: We are fearless explorers, embarking on the thrilling unknown with mindfulness and grace, turning every journey into a memorable adventure with a purpose.

7. Accountability: Because actions truly do speak louder than words, we stand by what we do, taking full responsibility with pride and conviction.

Our Vision? To create an impassioned community of Jeep and Bronco model owners, where integrity is the fuel that drives us, and camaraderie is the key to our collective heartbeat. We are all about creating lasting friendships through exhilarating 'Adventures with Purpose' experiences. 

So, join us! Let's make some waves, take some leaps, and traverse the path less travelled – all in the name of good fun, fierce friendship, and meaningful service. Welcome aboard, adventurer! We can't wait to see where our journey together will take us.

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