Get ready to ignite your spirit of adventure! We are a vibrant, all-volunteer Florida Non-Profit organization, fuelled by individuals who stand tall with us in support of our mission. The exciting part? We turn this support into exhilarating 'Adventures with Purpose'. 

Sounds like your kind of fun? We welcome you to become a part of our exciting, ever-growing family!

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Our Yearly Membership Dues are as followed:

1. Individual Adventurer - only $50. Step into the exciting world of adventure, camaraderie, and purpose!

2. Family of Explorers (2 rigs in the same household)- just $75. Make your family outings all about fun, learning, and making a difference!

But wait, there's more! Are you seeking a thrilling club experience in your own area? Great news - we are scaling up to nationwide chapters under State Coordinators (SC) that starts the State off right, then subsequent Regional Coordinators (RC) for individual areas within a state. This is your golden opportunity to be at the helm of your very own 7S Freedom Chapter!

For more information on this exhilarating venture, contact us. Your exciting new chapter awaits - it's time to take the leap, steer your own journey, and drive impactful adventures across your local community and beyond. Get ready, the ride of a lifetime is just a click away!

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